What is the relation between audio sample window and main arrangement window time ruler?

What is the logic between the Live (8) audio sample window and the main arrangement window?  More spesificly, I´m talking about the location: unfortunately this forum doesn´t allow me to include an example, but if you happen to have an audio file which include slight inaccuracy in timing, e.g. the target is note stroke in "ones" of the bar  but your strokes are a bit late, which can be seen in the arrangement window.  But when you open the sample grid window it says that that strokes are exately in the first bars.  Why does the sample window bar line give different information than what is the real situation (which can be seen in in arrangement bar time ruler line?

  I hope you got my point without the example.  (Ableton: pls add the possibility to attachements in this forum).

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Harry_ 4 years ago | 0 comments

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