What is the best way to transfer homemade Ableton presets?

What is the best way to transfer homemade Ableton presets from one computer to another?


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    I suggest that you keep all of your presets in a folder outside of live's library... somewhere on your hard disk. Whenever you create a new preset on whatever device in live (reverb, beat repeat, etc), drag and drop it into the folder on your hard disk in the file browser of live. This folder will contain all your homemade presets ready to go. You can put the folder on your usb, move it to a new computer, and then access it through Live's file browser on the other computer.

    I got hte idea from here: http://www.heatercore.net/2010/01/organize-your-presets-pt-2-.html

    If you are talking about home made preset sounds, it's a bit different as sometimes samples are involved, if you are using simpler or  sampler. Once again, check these two links out (in order):



    The idea is that you use an ableton project to collect all your preset instrument devices that you create. The use of the ableton project folder is to contain the external samples that you use in your devices that use samples. Once again, this way you can easily transfer the entire folder, and have access to your home made bank of sounds and presets.

    Best of luck!

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    I found another approach in library management for those who like to keep their custom presets, instruments, sounds, etc inside ableton library, but at the same time keep control of their own stuff.

    This approach will allow you to have all your stuff inside ableton library and at the same  time keep a backup copy in a external folder only of your custom presets/instruments.

    The idea is simple and to accomplish that you need a file/folder sync software, for instance:

    This software will allow you to sync a source folder to a destination folder.

    The idea is to filter all the files/folders that have not been customized by user, and copy them to a external folder. There are 2 methods to accomplish this:

    > Method 1 (include):

    In method 1 you should create folders inside ableton library to save all your presets with a recognizable TAG in their name AND/OR name your presets/files with a TAG also. For example:

    • _my reverbs
    • _my instruments
    • _my rack fx
    • _my operator
    • _my sounds
    • _johndoe reverb.adv
    • _johndoe favorite_fx.adg

    and so on...

    What are the recognizable tags here? It's the word "_my" and "_johndoe".

    Inside GoodSync software (you only need to do this once):

    1. Setup source folder (ex: /users/johndoe/library/application support/ableton/library)
    2. Setup destination folder (ex: /users/johndoe/documents/backup)
    3. Setup include Filter, here you will add the following lines:
    • _my*
    • _johndoe*

    With everything properly right in the setup and your files/folders well named (tagged) the software will filter in the analysis anything that doesn't start with "_my" or "_johndoe".

    Then will copy only your tagged files/folders to the destination folder, preserving the folder structure inside the library.

    > Method 2 (exclude):

    In method 2 you should setup a different filter. This one should exclude files/folders prior to a modification date. Lets say that this date should be something around the day you installed Ableton Live in your computer. For instance:

    • Ableton Live Installation day in 2011/5/31
    • Filter date 2011/6/1

    In GoodSync software the filter should look something like this:

    • any time<2011/6/1

    With the filter properly written it should copy to your destination folder only the files/folders with modification date after 2011/6/1.

    One advantage is that you shouldn't need to tag files/folders names.

    > Final Thoughts:

    I think method 1 is more reliable.

    In method 2 I'm not sure how this will behave when you update/repair Ableton Live Library.

    You could try also a combination of method 1 and 2.

    I came to this library management approach very recently, so I'm fresh in this also, I will appreciate a lot your feedback/experience.

    Check the user manual of your software of choice for files/folders sync. Each one have a lot of different features and rules to setup filters.


    Best wishes


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