What is the best way to sequence audio in live?

What is the best way, if any, to effectively sequence incoming audio (say the signal from an external hardware synth) in Ableton Live? 


I feel like the use of MIDI notes would be needed. Would you just route the audio Out to the MIDI channel containing the MIDI notes?


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    Could you clarify what it is that you're looking to do? Are you looking to sequence an external instrument using MIDI from Live, and then having the audio come back into Live? Or, are you looking to essentially apply a volume gate (sequence audio on/off) for incoming audio that is driven by a different sequencer?

    If you're looking to sequence an external instrument, then try using the External Instrument device on a MIDI track. You'll have to select the appropriate MIDI out and Audio In channels (a bit of trial and error might be involved for the MIDI out channel, if you aren't sure which channel you need for the instrument). You'll need to have the appropriate interface(s) for sending MIDI from and receiving audio to your computer. Make sure that you have this device selected correctly in Live's preferences. You can also tweak the delay settings, to compensate for latency.

    If you're looking to apply a volume gate to the incoming signal, then try using the Gate device. If you'd like to sequence it, then enable the sidechain for the Gate and have it come from a MIDI track dedicated to sequencing.

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    If i understand what your asking, my solution is this...


    I use an audio interface with MIDI In/Out ports as well. I plug my hardware synthesizer (M-Audio Venom) into these ports to use as a MIDI controller and to sequence via a MIDI track in Live. I then plug the Audio Output of the synth into my Audio Inputs on the interface. 

    In Live I create a MIDI track and add a blank MIDI Clip to it. Then I use my mouse to draw in MIDI notes to the blank clip. I set the track's MIDI Output to the MIDI OUT port on my interface. This way any MIDI data in the track will be sent to my Hardware Synth. Then the Audio from my Synth will be sent to an Audio Track in Live.

    Hope this is what you mean :)

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