What is the best way to merge multipole midi tracks into a single drum rack track?


Several people i collaborate with habitually create their drum parts in a project on separate midi tracks. Track 1 - Kick  Track 2 - Snare  Track 3 - Tom 1 Track 4 - Tom 2, etc. On top of that, they often will create different drum rack presets for each midi track.

I find this cumbersome and counterproductive to how I approach midi drum edits. 

Is there an easy way to select the notes/events in multiple tracks and then merge them to one track? Doing a select all notes (ctrl A) then a cut (ctrl x) then a paste to new track doesn't seem to work correctly. Sometimes when i try doing this the note values and placement don't seem to consistently jive. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but sometimes the pasted values show up at the wrong measure or place (offset). on note values in each track. 


Another possible way to describe what I'm trying to accomplish would be a "merge midi tracks" or perhaps a 'vertical consolidate' if one is in arrangement view.


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  • Castor Roven
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    I've had drums playing from multiple MIDI tracks into one drums sampler plugin, but I wanted to have just one MIDI drums track to work comfortably. I couldn't find any sort of MIDI track bouncing feature, so I solved the problem the old fashioned way:

    I created another MIDI track, and routed outputs from MIDIs I wanted to merge into my new track's input. And then, I just pushed RECORD. I had it playing through the entire song, recording MIDI messages I've already had in different tracks, into one track. Then, I just dragged newly created MIDI clip into my drum sampler track, and muted the rest MIDIs.

    PS: That how they did it in 70s :)

    4 years ago | 2 comments
  • mylkoa
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    "Vertical Consolidation"... brilliant term. I just created a request thread for it... if nothing else, at least it could help create a standardized term to describe this function :)

    Here's the request thread, so you can add a +1:


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  • oddstep
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    You could create a midi track with a drum rack on it that houses all the instruments you want to use. 

    Then route all of the drum midi tracks to this midi track. if you want to 'merge' all of the midi data, you'd then set this track to record and play the track through recording the midi input as you go.

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  • goodinw
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    I understand that what I need to do is to route all of the individual tracks to one but I can't figure out how to do it.  I know its in the IO section but I feel the only way I'm going to figure this out is with some extremely detailed instructions of where to click to do this.  If you could please.

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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