What is the best computer for running ableton efficiently to its full capacity?

i use my computer primarily for ableton, my computer is crap. im using an emachine t3656 with an intel celeron cpu 440@2.00 GHz., 1GB of ram plus i added more, 32 bit windows vista.  to give you an idea of how easily my cpu gets overloaded when using ableton: if i have 5 tracks and 2 of them are a bass with sidechain compression to a kick drum i get pops and crackling, also when using native instruments "razor" the system can barely handle it, id like to use massive and such but i wont even bother until i have a new computer. so whats the best computer and specs to fully use ableton without a problem? also, if the answer happens to be a mac, can i transfer ableton live instrument racks that ive made myself to a mac from an external hard drive, or  would they not be compatible?


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  • XSIMan
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    Get a computer with

    Windows 7 64bit or Windows 8 64bit

    Intel i7 six core or AMD FX 8 core

    Atleast 8GB of ram if you use massive sampled instruments

    A Soundcard with ASIO I use X-fi Titanium its latency is 2MS

    RME do proper dedicated music production soundcards.

    Macs now have PC hardware intel i7  so pound for pound the Windows based computer will give more CPU power. There are Power Macs with two quad CPU processors  but  there are also Windows computers with two quad core CPUS installed. For more hardware options I would go with PC.

    Any computer with an Intel i5 or i7 or AMD FX will destroy your current computer performance. The Celeron CPU is for doing office work.


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  • brandonvieweg
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    cool thank you


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