What is appropriate for Answers?

What should I look for in Answers? What doesn’t belong in Answers?

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    Generally, you should feel free to give what you consider to be an appropriate answer to a question. The goal with Answers is to provide a platform for users to help each other. We will moderate questions, answers and comments as necessary. If you have questions about moderation, or would like to otherwise get in touch with us, please feel free to give us feedback.

    If you’d like to have a longer conversation without a question, please see the Ableton Forum. The Forum is also a good place to go for off-topic conversation, which you can have in The Lounge
    Every Answers user is responsible for his/her own postings in terms of illegal or copyrighted content, according to German law. Please don’t post warez/cracks (or ask where to find them), or share content that you don’t have the rights to distribute.
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