What happened to my Live Packs when I upgraded?

Bare with me, I just started with Ableton Live this week and I am new to the whole production/dj scene.

I just bought a Launchpad, and installed the Live software that comes with it. I forgot my authorization code that first night, so I just played around with the version it came with (like 8.0.3 or something). It was cool, I mainly just played around with Tons of Synth Bass sounds in User1 mode, just to kinda familiarize myself with the different sounds, and the general interface of Live.

So the next day when I go to authorize Live, it says I needed to upgrade, so I downloaded that package and start to install it. When I open it up, it said something about the Live Packs, and if I would like to move them over to the new version of Live (or something like that). So I clicked yes and waited.

Now I have like only 6 different sounds in Synth Bass and all the other sounds are gone as well. I went to Preference and it says that Analog, Collision, and Electric are installed, but they do not display in the library. I tried doing the repair Library thing as well.

Here is the weird thing, they are actually in my filesystem. I can even drag them from finder, and drop in them into one of the clip slots and play them. But of course this is not ideal, I would rather see them all in the Library listing for Live.

Please someone help me figure this out. I'm super new and I just want some sounds to play with.   $)


taelor 6 years ago | 0 comments

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