What exactly does "Repair Library" do?

I looked in the manual and even on the Internet but I haven't found a clear explanation of what exactly "Repair Library" actually does and the Live in program help and manual is pretty vague.

I know it's supposed to "update the registry" in case you moved files in the Library from outside of Live or something, but I'm not sure if it does the following:

    1. Does it simply update the registry of the Library so it matches its current status or does it actually find missing factory files and reinstall them?
    2. If yes, does it only search and reinstall missing files or does it also revert modified files to the factory default settings? Let's say, if I modified a Factory Live Pack Instrument preset and saved it, will Repair Library bring it back to its normal status?
    3. Will it do all these things only with the actual default Packs of the library or with any installed Live Pack that appears in the Library list in Preferences?
    4. Where does Live fin the information to "repair" those files? I understand that some of it is stored in the Live installation folder (the default Live Packs) but what about the other installed packs downloaded on the internet?


    BoddAH 6 years ago | 0 comments

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    • Friedemann Ableton staff
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      It re-installes only default factory content, i.e. Live Packs that reside inside the installation folder.

      It does not revert any user-modified files. 

      6 years ago | 0 comments

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