What exact equipment will work with no midi delays in Ableton Live 9 intro?

I am very frustrated with Ableton live 9 intro. I purchased Live intro new, after reading the box for system requirements and then loaded the program on my Acer laptop ( Windows 7 64 bit, 4 MB ram). I have a USB midi interface ( M-audio midiman 2x2, purchased new )  and my Yamaha digital piano. At first, the program wouldn't load on my laptop and gave me a error:


9.0\Preferences\Preferences.cfg" is corrupt."
After about a day, ableton sent an email to download another version. So, after the 600 + MB download the program did load. 
When i learned how to setup a midi track and open a string sound, I have noticed HUGE triggering delays. These delays are from the time I press a key on the midi controller until I hear the built in string sound in the program come out of the speakers. 
I went online to look for answers an have spent literally about 6 hours with no solution.
Before anyone answers please know, i have tried the ASIO4ALL download and that didn't work. I have also done the sound setups in the program. and that didn't work.
Yesterday i loaded the program on a 2012 MACbook Pro. It has a i5 and 8 GB of ram. The delay was EVEN WORSE...nearly 4 full seconds!
I want to know....EXACTLY what WILL work...I don't want a guess. 
EXACTLY what computer, EXACTLY what controller, and EXACTLY what interface to trigger the sounds so they are usable. I need a real answer to this program. I am about ready to take this stuff back and right a review of how awful it has been.
Ableton should put on their retail boxes EXACTLY what will make this work. I feel misled.


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    Sounds like it is not a delay/latency issue, because 4 whole seconds of delay, that is almost impossible with a simple setup.

    Could it be that this has something to do with the attack times of the instrument you are playing?
    Try the same thing with maybe a drum rack and some loaded drum hits. Now if you hit a key, does it still take that long?

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