What does "sort chains" (in a rack) do?

I would like to know what "sort chains", in the context menu of a rack chain, does. When googling for "Ableton sort chain", all that turns up is about a crash bug that this function caused. What does it do? I tried it once - the track chain showed something for a second, and then everything looked like before. What the heck does it do?


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  • Carlosnik
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    Its an easy one, when you create different Chains in a Rack, they all sound at the same time, in a row (You Can check these by pressing CHAIN button). When you use the Sort Chains floating window menu, the chains will arrange one after the other in order. By doing this you will have all your chains in a different Midi Value and will sound individually only when the position in your Chain Button would be selected.

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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