What do i need to back up to an external hard drive?


I want to back up my Ableton files/songs on an External Hard Drive using Carbon Copy Cloner.

What files besides the song sets do I need to tell CCC to back up? Im pretty sure all of my sets are Self Contained. Wondering if other files/settings working in the background need to be saved too?

Files vs Bootable backup. Anothermake a bootable back up to the Ext HD but that takes away more storage from my Ext HD.

How does the location of my Ableton files in the computer they currently live in (Mac Book Pro) affect all of this in case of need to use back up in future scenario?)

My Ableton files consist of Audio tracks (vox, guitar), Bunch of drum loops from various non Ableton loop collections,  and various Ableton Synths that came with and I have bought.

Thank you!




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    Hi Seb, 

    If all your sets are saved via "collect all & save" ( with all boxes checked ), you should be good to go, just make sure that each set resides in its own project folder. 

    This and some other basics about the "collect all and save" feature are listed in this article: 


    To avoid downloading all installed packs again, you could also back up your "installation folder for packs" ( see preferences -> Library for location ), but for all application components we recommend reinstalling them rather than migrating. 

    Hope this helps, 


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