what do i need for a live performance for a band?

hi I've been using ableton a lot lately and my band has recorded a couple of songs and plan to put on a live performance for some friends. but for the recordings we've used an an audio interface (fast track pro) and recorded the different parts of the song one by one. what would i need in order to be able to perform a live performance where we can all play the parts at once running it from the computer hooking up to monitors? most of the sounds we used are from a synth, guitar, drum rack in ableton, and other software instruments in ableton. theres only 3 of us and theres not to many instruments going on at once but i don't know what i need to make it go smoothly. if any one has experience with this can you please help? i don't know if i need a interface with more in and outs, or if i need a mixer? help would be greatly appreciated 

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  • Mercurian
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    We need details...

    What are the band members playing live (instruments incl. mics for vocals & Ableton Live itself)?

    How do you use Live (Clips in the Session Mixer or linear recording in Arrangement View)?

    Then you can estimate...

    How many of what type of controllers you need (MIDI Keyboards/Synths, Percussion/Drums, etc., which could include the computer keyboard [Ableton Live feature])?

    Each musician who wants live performance control will need a controller (can you run 3 Launchpads at once?). As simple as something to trigger Clips that they created or to be able to play a software synth on a track in Live, or as complicated as both at once.

    One must be the Musical Director and orchestrate the set  As simple as a musician mapping the [Start] and [Stop] buttons to his controller so he can .. uhm, I forget, oh yeah, starting and stopping Sessions and individual Clips and loading the next song and rapping with the audience. Add DMX control of the light show by someone (MC or light guy) with a controller and/or a separate computer.

    The individual band members can share as much or as little of this control as desired. It could be Chaos Fest or more structured by agreement or by restricting control opportunity.

    I want to give the audience a chance to come up and beat on a drum contrioller to play with percussion or whatever I want to map to the pads, Clips, pitch mod, filter mod, ... and since I can't play every instrument at once (in realtime that is), I can see people picking up an available instrument or controller and joining in.

    Playing 'Live' as an Instrument:

    If you are really using the Session Mixer's special abilities for launching and controlling Clips (the heart of Live and the creative tool no other program has), which you'll want to get into as a band composing tool - there are so many ways you guys could control your parts (Live is the Jam Band's Holy Grail!), it's mind boggling, then you'll want to get a Novation Launchpad.

    Fast Track Pro is a fine choice for audio and MIDI I/O if it gives you enough of each. I use the Fast Track Ultra in my portable rig because it has more I/O (8x8, 6x6 analog), so I can have my AX-Synth audio on 2 ins, 2 Mics (on the excellent Octane Preamps) and electric Guitar and Bass on the 1 & 2 instrument inputs (so they see the right impeadence). Someday I'll use 4 outputs for a Quad surround, but 2 suffice for Stereo now. I use 1 & 2 for Live's Cue function on the headphone jack, 3 & 4 for Mains.

    You can mix everything 'in the box' bringing any external audio sources into Live, like I do, in which case you are set, just take your Mains mix from your fast track outputs and go. Your Mains mix goes to the house system or your own monitor speaker system.

    If you are going to have external Mics and/or Instruments that don't go into the computer, then you will need a mixer to combine them with the fast track outputs before sending it all to yer Mains mix destination.

    If your band members want their own individual mixes (on phones or monitors), you need more outputs.

    I highly recomend the Novation Remote Zero SL (either version) for controlling a DMX lighting program that accepts MIDI control (AMDJ for one). It's a great controller for anything (though I like long automated faders for mixing). I'll give a nod to M-Audio's Axiom keyboard controllers (I use the 61 'Classic').

    You might find some interesting info in this old thread:

        Board index » Ableton Forums » Music and Audio Production

        'Live' Live: Musicians Performing w/ Live esp. One Man Band


    Good luck.


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  • HugoMac
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    We use Ableton as an instrument for live performances in our reggae band. We'd gone a bit psychedelic in our last EP, so had to work out how to do this live. I'm the bass player, but as the guitarist is also the singer - we're a three-piece band, I've had to work out how to play keys and make swirly noises using my feet.... 

    We use a McMillen 12 Step and a Push on stage.

    My blog about it is here http://music.hughmcmanners.com/667-2/ which also contains a video that is likely to be of assistance to you.  I hope so anyway!!  I'm happy to answer questions. 

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