What defines an Ableton MIDI port?

I use an Akai MPK249 as my MIDI controller.

I hooked up an old Ensoniq ASR-10 so I could do some MIDI dumps to the Akai MPK249 since my laptop has no legacy MIDI ports. So the setup was MIDI out from the Ensoniq to the MIDI IN on the Akai MPK249 and then the MIDI would pass through the USB to Ableton. It works great, but I noticed the Akai MPK249 has three ports (2-4) and it was port 3 that had the MIDI pass through signals coming into Ableton. I have no idea what port 2 and 4 are. What defines Ableton ports? When I asked Akai they gave me a generic MIDI hookup article with no explanation.

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LiqMat 1 year ago | 0 comments

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