What can I do to change the metronome in order to sync with tempo changes within an imported WAV file?


    Just bought my Line6 POD Studio UX1 and I am new to Ableton software. My Ableton Live is Lite version 8. I am guitarist and I do not do drums so I heavily rely on mp3/wav drum backing tracks. Recently, I have a friend who does drums and he had this recording (in WAV format) of his drum session. We were thinking of giving it guitar riffs so we did using my Ableton. 

    Now everything's going okay since the bpm 162 set in ableton's metronome initially matched the tempo of the orginal (song) audio file. But later in the "bridge" part of the song, the tempo changed (it's 192 bpm now). So the song basically goes 162 to 192 and back to 162 again near the end. In ableton, the metronome was 162 when I imported the song, now we're in the middle of the song the tempo changed but ableton is still stuck with a 162 metronome. How do I change the metronome/tempo instantaneously in order to match the original tempo of the audio file? Is there even a way to do that in ableton?

   I was also sad because me and my band play cover songs all the time and sometimes when we cannot go out and practice, I tend to download drum backing tracks of the songs we want to cover and then practice my guitar parts with these backing tracks (as well as hear myself if I could time it even when the drums are muted and just the metronome running - which is a very essential skill if we want record our own stuff). I also record my guitar riff and lay it over the backing tracks in order to have a feel of how I could sound like when doing it live. Sometimes, the backing tracks would have tempo change similar to the song I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Without a way to blend the metronome/tempo to the tempo change(s) in the backing tracks is frustrating me. 

Any help from you experts here would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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    You need to use the session view, divide the drum part into sections according to their BPM (duplicate the clip and use clip view and play markers) and place them in different Scenes (rows). Then you can set the 'Scene' BPM by typing 169BPM or 196BPM in the Scene title (richt click and select 'rename'). When you trigger that section (Scene) of the song the BPM changes automatically. 



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