what are the best gate settings for sequencing a clip in session view using a midi keystoke and external instrument?

 i like to start sequencing a clips in session view using a midi keystoke and external instrument; are the gate settings going to be necessarily the same? i was going to sequence individual drums with individual time: for instance /4t/8t/16t/32 tempo 198.

what i do is simple use the keyboard to type a midi key with external instrument map keys  to clips and sequence clips of external instrument with midi track then you can sequence session view.

what would be the gate setting if i used an arppegator and note length with another arppegiator i was going for some kind of rhythm setting and thought it would be nice to share. I had it work once but i wanted to learn more about gate settings for this specific sinario because its slightly different maybe even use note length and arppegeatters with different macros with an 8band eq. let me know test it out I'm not sure what live is suppose to do in certain situations and would like the topic to be explored on the fact that i will be using sequenced drums or run the clips though an engaged launch next or previous launch or midi sequence depending on off it is an audio sample or audio wave form.

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