What are some good drums???

I am relatively new to working with ableton and producing music, but I really enjoy it. Lately though I have been noticing that a lot of the drums that came with ableton didn't really match the style of music I like to make (House, Breakbeat and Dubstep). I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some drum packs or artist kits or whatever that would be good in accompanying my music and would work in ableton. It does not matter whether they are free or not, I have just been looking for a while and have had a lot of trouble finding anything! Any response or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    This free Ableton sample pack by KJ Sawka's nice: http://www.ableton.com/madbeatz

    Also, here's 1000 free royalty free drums samples: http://www.drumsamples.org/


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    I was looking for the 'right' drums too - it has taken me a while since starting with Ableton to come round to trying out Impulse - arm yourself with a few basic drum samples that have the type of sound you want (readily available on websites such as the one already mentioned or any of the others - various magazines (e.g. computer music; future music etc) give away royalty free samples on cover cds), and some websites, like acidplanet, give away royalty-free samples every week - and then mess about with the samples using the various controls within Impulse.  In this way, and with enough patience/experimentation, you can create pretty much any sound you want. I was really surprised at how good, and howversitile it is.


    Youtube is full of people showing you how they created a particular style, e.g. dubstep etc.  The vids I found most helpful are below, but there are loads of others that steered me n the right direction....






    Hope that helps - good luck :o)

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    EZ Drummer

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