weird delay/slapback when track is armed

i'm using a guitar through an Axe_FX Ultra into a MOTU 4pre into Ableton. recently i've been getting a double sound when i hit a note, like a slapback echo. this only happen when i arm the track. it sounds fine before i arm the track.

when i make a new set and start over, it works fine for a while, then suddenly starts doing it again. there's no delay on the track, but when i play a note i hear the note, them a louder one about half a second later. i've been playing and recording the same way for years. this just started the past few weeks. nothing has changed in my set-up. 

please help, have an important show tomorrow night :-(


rake 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • mick chillage
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    mmm, I'm getting  a similar problem with my m-audio 1814 which I used for years with Live 5 and no problems a recent upgrade to 9 and when I arm an audio channel all is fine but when I start playing one of my hardware synths and get a signal, the signal changes to sort of distorted modulated sine and then sustains even when the synth signal has decayed. I'm left with the signal showing a level in my meter, the only way I can stop it is to shut live down or switch off the M-Audio. I really cant figure out if its a hardware fault or software ? 

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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