Weird CPU overload moments

I am running Ableton 9.5 Suite on a brand new MacBook Pro 13 Retina, running El Capitan, with a 3.1 Gig processor, 16G of RAM, 370 Gig of free storage. Multicore support is ON.  Buffer size is currently 256 samples (used to be 1024 samples; same issue).

My laptop is connected to a 27" Apple Display. I have a Push 2 and universal audio Apollo Twin plugged in using Thunderbird (Apolla) and USB (Push 2).  

I'm working on a pretty simple song, that right now just has the following active tracks:

- 4 drum tracks

- a lead guitar

- a second guitar

The guitar is doubled up. There's a chain or two. I'm using a few UAD plugins. 


As I move around in my track, there are really weird processing spikes / delays that make it really hard for us to edit the track in real time.


I have uploaded three YouTube videos to illustrate the problem:





My friend who is helping me with the track teaching Ableton courses and is an experienced producer can't figure out why this is happening. He has a slower MacBook, and is used to working on more complex recordings with more effects and plugins, and says this should NOT be happening. 


Any suggestion for what's going on?





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    I am going through the exact same thing right now. I purchased a new macbook pro similar to yours and am experiencing extremely high cpu overloads along with a loud fan noise coming from my computer. Ive already went to the apple genius bar and they explained that, the problem is with Ableton and that the computer is working perfectly fine. Ableton has to fix this. I already updated all my plugins and I am using an updated RME Babyface Pro Interface software too. My older computer seemed to work 10 ten times better with Ableton than this new one can. 

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