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I got waves tune and I never used a vocal tuner before but will it work with live? I know live is more of a music creation tool but not as much a audio editing tool. I have adobe audition cs6 but it doesnt support rewire but live is only other program I have.


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    Yes it will work with Ableton Live 9. After you install the waves tune plugin, the folder it will be located in (for 64-bit systems) is PROGRAM FILES>VST PLUGINS,  you can just copy the dll file(s) and paste them inside PROGRAM FILES>STEINBERG>VST PLUGINS to make it appear with all the other common plugins, or keep it where it is if you'd prefer. The file will be named something like Waveshell2-VST(x.x1_64.dll)
    If it is a (32-bit system) then I think it will be in PROGRAM FILES (X86)>WAVES>PLUG-INS V(X)> "WavesTune(LT/.bundle).

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