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I have seen this topic talked about, but have not really found any info that puts my mind at ease.

Waves plugins in Ableton.


I see the compatibility chart, which states that Waves AU will not work in ableton. Thing is, that is all I really use. They work fine. I do have a few issues with the Renaissance and V series (V comp being the real bummer). I cannot seem to get those to work in either VST or AU. I have tried a lot of suggestions I have read and am still at a loss.


Is the V comp something I should plan on not having access to on my system? honestly I love the Glue compressor for Buss compression in Ableton so I am not without options.


Why would Waves AU units work on my system when listed as not supported?

Ableton live 9 suite 9.1.4

Mac OSX 10.9.4

Waves 9


At a loss. Hoping someone will point my chin in the right direction, or at the very least, tell me to quit worrying about it.





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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    As you found out already, some Wave audio units do work in Live, but still they remain unsupported, since there are a few unfixed bugs in the Live & Waves-AU combination. For example, you need to turn them off and on again every time you reload a set, as otherwise they will be bypassed. 

    Those bugs are fixed with the VST versions, so we highly recommend using them from now on. 

    Hope it helps, 


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  • envy_ingenue
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    I have learned to move my waves_shell to a custom vst folder, having had issues with the vst versions of waves (vst2). Things seem to be working well, with one caveat; I cannot load presets from the load menu. I have stopped using the AU version as they are indeed a bit buggy. 70% of the time they work as intended. Not having presets is not a deal breaker for me, as I tend to work from scratch. But if there is a work around, or if I am simply doing something wrong, I would love to know.

    In the end, really, I am so very happy with the built in effects Live offers that I am shying away from 3rd party plugins. Low latency, functional... everything sidechainable. Great stuff.


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  • Womble Dung
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    "I have learned to move my waves_shell to a custom vst folder..."

    how is this done?
    i downloaded waves central main thing, and the free offer of supertap delay, and i think, some kind of free rack device.
    howver, i can't even figure out how to access them at all in their own right, nevermind attempting to open them and/or try to make them/the delay work with ableton.

    all that happens is that the interface for downloading and activating plugins open, but no interface for using anything.
    i am flummoxed!

    so... for example, how can i, and what do i do to perhaps use supertap with ableton?

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