Warping / Quantize an audio track

Still being a novice with all things software, I need help in working out the best approach to my issue...

I was given a audio track that has a single vocal and acoustic guitar recorded together. They didn't use a click or metronome so it's a little all over the place with timing. I want to put firstly a simple loop and work from there. I have tried all the warping functions but to no avail can I get a consistent method to accurately quantize the track.

I was thinking what would be the best approach? I was thinking of putting a manual kick over the whole track but don't know how I would go about warping from there and then removing the kick.


Any assistance or guidance would be much appreciated.


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    I would use Live's metronome. Find a part that sounds ok as a loop, with the correct timing. Put a warp marker at the start, and one at he end of the loop. When the timing is ok, hover the mouse over the last warp marker, right-click and choose the options 'warp straight from here'. Live will now use the same warp setting as the looped part on the rest of the track. If it does not work right away, move on to the next part after the initial loop, loop that part, end do the same. After a few times your overall timing should get better and better. When you are done with the whole track, you can even try deleting all the markers between the first and the last marker, to make sure the timing of the entire track is equally divided. Hope this helps!

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