Warping problems when importing audio tracks

Hi, When I import audio tracks I recorded from other DAWs in to Live 9 I can't make the tracks sync with each other. Live has problems with warping a whole audio mix down. Can you please instruct me on the best way to do this.

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    Live's warping function is wrong most of the time, unfortunately.

    If you know the original bpm of the track, set Live's tempo to this bpm.

    Go to preferences and turn "auto warp long samples" OFF. Make sure all tracks start at the correct point

    If not; Load the track into Live, find the start point of the track and mark it ("set 1.1.1 here")

    If all went well and you have the correct bpm; check the timing in the whole track. If it is correct, click the "save" button in the clip editor. Live will then remember the exact settings and you can then load that same track into any Live project with the correct timing.

    If it is not correct; set 1.1.1, go to the next bar (or several bars), add a warp marker and move it to the correct spot. Then, use "warp from here straight" function. Check the rest of the track and adjust it the same way using bigger and bigger intervals until the whole track is timed correctly. 

    After that, don't forget to hit the save button in the clip editor.

    I know, it is not ideal; but once you've saved the settings, Live will recognize that track.

    Not sure if you mean complete tracks or different parts from one track.

    If it is all the same track; turn auto warp off for long samples.  


    Hope this helps!





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  • delamitri
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    Thanks a bunch NEO. I will follow your advice.

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  • neiko
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    This only works sometimes. How about Ableton 10 has the ability to warp long track, rather than a few shitty features and a serum copy.  FIX WARPING PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE.

    5 months ago | 0 comments

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