Warping / Limiting / Out level Djing

hello guys.


this is a live / djing post

as some of you might now already. if we put a mastered track on ableton . the track peaks at 0db . 

but when we apply complex warping. the track start to excede this level. 

so my question have 2 sides: 

1 - if i have 3 channels where i mix tracks between them, is it a good idea to put a gain channel in every 3 track with about -3db so the track just peaks really near 0 db and don't pass away.? and then on the master chain , dont put limiter , just -3 db so it also peaks at near 0 db ? . 

i'm not a begginer about this, i've been playing in clubs a lot and the limiting thing in the master and also let's not talk also about the limiter clubs use . 


2 - how is it possible to compete in volume in this way with let's say CDJ 2000 . when the dj before you at almost everytime will have the master of the mixer ( of the club ) in red. so when you start. with LOT of less volume than the pioneers you even can't gain up the master cause it's already in red. 


just forgot to say, even at 0db with a limiter (the normal thing everyone seem to do playing with ableton) we are lower than cdj . so if i use this technique i'm suggesting. it's even worse.


but at the end we need the best quality as ableton is really off talking about quality comparing pioneers. 


thanks for the time to read till here. hope we can find solutions .



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