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when you warping tracks for mixing having the same bpm , for a set for example, there always goes some soundquality away icw the original track, making them ´re- shape',  is there maybe some kind of ´trick´? or another way to get it warped with the ´soundquality contained´> well not litterally because it is compressed, but a shaper or a vst or max etc. (I still dont have traktor but that will not be long anymore, but that aside)  you specially hear the treble at first hi-hats and stuff, you know what I mean, well not like terrible offcourse like an 96 mp3, but when you hear real good and compare the warped mixdown with the original track in winamp for instance , a little bit less clear it is then.
I would like to hear some feedback on this concept, I can imagine it would be a thing you have to accept because that warping is offcourse trademark with the clip editor!  maybe some effects or vsts or max thing who can do something

I also hear from people that a DAW like cakewalk sonar or pro-tools has a better ´overall sound´ (I am not knowledged explain deeper like that) but is it maybe because live still use an itunes codec? lol I always was anti Itunes, and now I have to use a codec... (not in 8, but in 9 it began) but like I said I am not a audio designer analog to WAV and what not, I also would like to want to hear your feedback on this second topic.


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    Try using different warp modes, and see which one sounds best.
    For making stuff sound better/louder/warmer, you can use many effects.
    Think of compression, eq, saturation, etc.
    However, this will take a lot of practice and some knowledge, so don't be surprised if you don't get it right immediately. You simply have to accept that this is not something you will learn in a week.

    About the overall sound in Live: has nothing to do with the software.
    It has to do with knowledge and practice. If you understand what effects you need to use in different situations, you will be able to shape your overall sound anyway you like.
    Also, you will need a pro quality soundcard and some good vst's to achieve this.
    Usually, the weakest link in the music making process is not the software (many artists make fantastic sounding music on very basic soft/hardware) but the additional stuff like soundcards, audio settings, using the right effects, etc.
    And if you don't know how to use your soft- & hardware, even though you have top of the line gear, it will still sound weak.

    In other words: it is all about practice and knowledge.
    Try checking tutorials on polishing up your sound and settings. Simply put, it will take time!

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