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Hi all,

After watching and re-watching a bunch of youtube videos on warping acapellas, I find myself working on the same bars of the acapella I'm working with over and over again, aligning transients with the first beats of the bar in a never-ending attempt to get everything in sync.

I thought I made slow and steady progress; for instance, some transient markers seem to have lasted in the right position (on the first beat) longer than others, even when other transient markers around them have been shifted. Nevertheless,  I'm now hitting a wall where every time I move up one transient marker, I then have to move another earlier transient marker backwards, which then requires me to move the first transient marker forwards again, and so on.

The videos I have watched on youtube say to only use one warp marker (on the 1.1.1), and their movements of transient markers didn't seem to be as troublesome for them, so I'm not sure what I can do to keep my transient markers from moving when I move other transient markers.

If you guys have any idea where I'm going wrong here, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.



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    Not sure if i understand correctly. But it looks like you don't quite understand the effect of warping. 

    Just to make sure; every time you move a transient marker, Live tries to compensate by stretching the rest of the audio sample around that point. So yes, every time you move a marker, all the transients around it will be stretched too. Unless you activate the warp markers by double clicking on them. That will lock them in place. 

    So whenever you need to do on-the-spot editing in an acapella, make sure there are some other locked markers to the left and right of that marker, just to make sure you only move what you need, and don't change the timing of the rest of the sample. 


    Theoretically, any acapella belongs to a full track with a certain timing and tempo. So there shouldn't be any huge differences in the tempo of the whole file. Having said that; the best results can be achieved by using as little markers as possible. Ideally, one at the start (1.1.1) and one at the end. So try to work with big chunks when adjusting timing.  

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