Warp markers going AWOL.. Opening earlier warps and Xferring (DJ Misery :) ! )

Hi Ableton PPL , i've been having a few ish with ableton 8.2.2 (but i think 8.1 also)  and i'm using it for DJ'ing, right now i am compiling/warping some tracks for DJ set tomorrow night, i have gone to a directory i made a few months back.. to grab a few other tracks i warped (in 8.1) and the warp markers are not inline at all. basically theyre not warped..

the directory for those tracks hasnt changed but the drive letter is different..

i've had this issue once before i'd just copied over a directory full of tracks for a gig, got to the gig and all the warp markers are not working.. IE off!

my process is grab track, warp it and hit save.. i dont do any self-containing of sets or anything like that.. i just like to grab the trax as i feel... from the browser.

am i missing something in Ableton>>> it'z a big problem turning up to DJ having spent a day warping tracks and your markers are busted.... not very pro.. having to not mix your records.....

is the ASD file absolute path or something? i presume it's just relative.

any ideaz? i have 2 DJ tonight.. and i'm bit worried.. and also some older trax that i could use are not matching up to the perfect warping that i did.. they're also bust..


Tx in advance.. :)


joy247 6 years ago | 2 comments

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  • Milkster
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    Just found this in the archive - from Amaury Groc. I think this is the cause as for a while there i didn't have quicktime installed on my newly built machine so would make sense.

    "A problem can occur when using the Windows default decoder, both at the time when you warp the tracks, and when you decode the tracks. Direct Show (it's the name of the default Windows codec) can 'add' a bit of silence to a track, at its beginning or its end. It is more a problem with VBR tracks.

    So, the safest bet is to first install Quicktime, and then start warping your tracks. After that, make sure Quicktime is installed on the computer you use to decode the files and play them, and all should be fine."

    6 years ago | 0 comments
  • bassguy
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    I ha d a similar instance of this where certain levels would be randomly adjusted to zero turned off etc. turns out through much aggravation , it was the M-audio POS crappy keyboard. I had it plugged in through a firewire connect,and occaisonally it would flash random numbers,..didnt realize it was having a mind of its own. SO, turned off the keyboard except for when i was using it to track, then turned it off again. 


    I think "milkster" up above probably has you on the correct track (no pun intended), but this might be another option.  Cheers! 

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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