VSTs - possibly need more power

Hi guys,

I bought Gladiator 2 VST from Tone2 and have started having trouble using multiple instances on my laptop, I haven't used my PC for ableton in a while as I want to remain fully portable. 

My laptop spec is as follows: 

Acer Aspire 5552

M-Audio USB Fast Track (Old Model)

3GB RAM - (2.74GB usable)

64bit Operating system

AMD Athlon II Dual Core processor 2.10 GHZ


anymore information on spec or laptop related stuff give me a shout.


I am interested to know if there is a sound card external through USB that would give me a big boost to how many VST's I can use or if I upgrade the RAM it will make things easier? I think I can upgrade the RAM in this laptop at least to 4GB possibly 8GB :)

I really want to be able to sound design using Gladiator as it is so powerful.

I have switched sounds from gladiator down to medium rather than very high or ultra, it has linear but i really feel that might ruin the quality of the sounds.

Any pointers greatly appreciated, thanks Tom.




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  • Near Earth Object
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    Ableton does not support 64 bit yet, which means that you can only use a maximum of 4gb RAM, even if you have more than that installed.

    If the vst you use is cpu heavy, it will only get worse when you open multiple instances. Some vst's work fine, others don't.

    I would suggest to simply not use several of the same vst's, but bounce parts to audio. Work in layers, so the cpu won't overload.

    Also, search on the web for tweaking Windows to work better with heavy audio/midi. Check your buffering levels too. Helps a lot!

    Last of all; as far as i know your audio interface should not really matter as far as multiple vst's are concerned. The cpu and RAM are the parts that get into trouble. Hope this helps!

    6 years ago | 2 comments
  • baseinstinct
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    How about rme hdsp - it was said to add horsepower for pulling vst(i). 


    Or not? I would appreciate a definitive answer.



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  • jestermgee
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    What you need is a more powerful processor my friend.

    My rig is built ONLY for production. It is Huge (i7 Dual Quad overclocked from 2.6 > 3.8GHz, 8GB Ram, Firebox Firewire, Ableton 64bit etc etc).

    I have Omnisphere which is a bitch on resources and when I use some synths in Omnisphere or complex synths or patches in Komplete I start to bottom out after several instances.

    If you are using patches that consume a lot of voices your poor processor is probably spewing its guts trying to crunch numbers. A dual core AMD is not high speed but here are some pointers:

    If possible, use your rig for Music and Music alone (no games, no other rubbish apps, just software for music. If you have not re-installed windows for a while, try do this (it's good to know how to rebuild your studio from scratch should you ever have a failure). Close ALL non-critical apps (Skype, Msn and even Dropbox). If you are using an inbuilt soundcard or cheaper USBsoundcard, increase your buffer size which will create more latency but help the processor out by giving some breathing space. If you can, Freeze tracks when you are working on other parts. This will render the audio to a wav file and then disable the plugins in the chain which frees up all that power for other tracks. Should you need to go back to the frozen track, freeze another and un-freeze the one that you need.

    If you are ever looking at upgrading, go for the biggest and most powerful processor out at the time. For music rigs you only need a basic video card and 6GB ram should be fine unless you plan on doing big scores or stuff.

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