VST sidechaining and audio audition


I want to know if this is a good way of handling VST sidechaning with audio audition.


I have a channel with a kick drum.

This channel is going to be used as a sidechain input for another channel with a bass.

I have a VST compressor pluging with sidechain possibility.

When I route the audio from the kickdrum to the plugin input, the ouput stops from de kickdrum channel because ther audio routed to the VST plugin.

I did the following in Live:

I created a clean send channel and turned the send from the kickdrum to that send channel to max, then I can still hear the kick while it is being used as a sidechain output for the bass.

Is this a way to deal with my case?


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mnieuwhof 1 year ago | 0 comments

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