VST plugins not being found

I have been using a number of VST plugins for some time in Windows 8 with no issues. Unfortunately, my hard drive motor failed and I lost everything on the drive. No big deal, as I had my vst folder and sample library backed up. I reinstalled Live 8.2.1 and the plugins started crashing the software nonstop. I upgraded to 8.4.2 and it's finally stable. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to find my VST plugins. They've worked for years just fine, and now none of them populate in the plugin browser.

one thing is very different this time around: Norton 360 has been overzealously flagging my VST .dll files in heuristic scans. It never did this before, but it seems unrelated.


In any case, I've been trying to research this problem and I have yet to find an answer. 


Kommissar_Grady 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • nchojnacki
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    I am also on 8.4.2, Windows 7 though. My plugins are always in the same default folder (all 32bit)  and nothing I'm doing makes Live recognize them again.  I've fully uninstalled and reinstalled and reset folder a dozen times, reinstalled plugins from scratch. No dice. 

    Is there somewhere I can get a previous version of Live 8?

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  • cygnal
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    You haven't mentioned your restoring procedure - are the plug-ins back in the same folder? Is it selected in Ableton? Have you properly re-installed the ones that use installers? Are file system permissions the same as before? 

    I'd suggest temporarily disabling the Norton thingie, just to make sure it is not a factor.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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