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evening,,have you ever lost a plug in from your 'plugin' area....cant find guitar rig anymore,,it is on desktop and under native instruments but i cant drag it into an audio track or see it in 'plugins'

this did happen after i completly f++ed up downloading a free synth from computermusic.. did a scan and blew my pc up. luckily after following a 3 page instruction from ableton,,they put press ALT when you boot up and that sorted the crashing....is it me or would ALT be better at the start of the 3 page degree quality computer speak!!,, anyways any help:)

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    finally fixed. just in case anyone else this problem:

    i had to open C: Programs: Ableton: guitar rig (dont do this through your daw, do from main desktop/ start button.

    Just make sure you can see the program trail by right clicking and looking at properties.

    then go into ableton/ preferences /file folder tab / browse.

    hopefully you can find the C:programs:ableton.

    here is the no logic idiot programmer bit.... just click ableton , instead of being able to see the vst. then hopefully your vst will appear in the plugins menu.

    if it doesnt then sorry cos you wont find an answer anywhere,

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