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I have never figured out how the hell to get VSTs. The manual doesn't seem to address the problem Im having. I have downloaded many into my computer, the option page in Ableton shows what file they are in, its on, I browse...so what? Nothing happens.  I do not know enough about how files work or what Im suppoed to do with them to get them to read. A friend of mine placed them in a different file than the ableton default, but it does have that new file as the read file.

someone Please assist.


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    First, read the manual: there is a section in there that covers use of vst's (sometimes called plugins).

    But to get you on your way: first install the plugin. Some come with installation files, some are just .dll files.

    Set up a folder in your system calles Plugins, or whatever.
    .dll files (without additional presets etc) can just be put into that folder.

    If you have an installation file (.exe or Mac version like .dmg), just run the installer. It will ask you where to put the plugin files. If it does, select the folder you made earlier, and finish the install process.

    After that, open Live, go to preferences and select file/folder.
    There is a section on plugins there. Make sure you set it to custom, select the folder that holds your plugins, and hit the rescan button.

    If all is done correctly, you can now see all the installed plugins under the plugins-button in your live browser, and use them as instruments or fx.

    But like i said before: this is all in the manual as well. Hope this helps.

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