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I'm a worship leader just getting started on creating loops for our worship team. I have ableton live 9, and was needing an accordion sound.  If i get a soundfont (sfz file) or a VST accordian.  How do I install it? I thought I just dragged it into the browser panel, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  


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    Usually VST installers come with installer files (.exe if pc, .dmg if mac)

    what you have to do is open those installer files, and run the installer so it can place the files in their respective, correct location. Afterward, Ableton should be able to see the files in their respective plug-in folders

    If you do not have the installer files then you will have to manually navigate to the vst folder to drop them in.

    A really quick way to do this is to go to the folder that houses your vsts, which is listed below for the mac:

    Hard drive > Library > Audio > Plugins > VST

    I am not sure what it is for pcs, because I do not often install vsts on pcs, but I am sure it is out there somewhere. A few websites I have tried say:

    Hard Drive > Program Files > Plugins or VSTPlugins

    Good Luck. Anybody else know?

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