video sample rate confusion

I have filmed myself with a DV camera playing along to an Ableton Live Set. I recorded this movie into Quicktime, then inserted it into this Live Set.

The timing doesn't match, the movie is playing a bit faster than the set. I think the cause is that the sample rate of the quicktime movie audio (AAC Format) is 48 kHz, not 44,1 kHz. So I converted the movie with Compressor to 44,1 kHz, but this doesn't change the tempo. When I insert this 44,1 kHz movie into the Live Set, the tempo is the same as before - too fast.



p8guitar 5 years ago | 0 comments

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    In my experience Ableton doesn't cause any problems when you import a movie/audioclip that's a different samplerate than the project you're working in, I guess it just makes up the extra samples when it's too low or substracts them when it's too high or something, anyway it seems to automatically fix the difference. Are you sure you synced the video and the Ableton audio right? Does the audio from the movie sound lower or higher in pitch than it should?

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