Video playback stutters and freezes - Live 9.6

I've having issues with the video playback in Live.  The audio is fine, its only the visuals that are causing a problem by freezing or stuttering.

The file is a small(ish) 720p, MP4 and 38MB in size.  It works perfectly in other DAWS including Cubase 8.5, Logic 9 and Studio One 3.3

If I reduce the resolution the image plays smoothly but obviously is degraded accordingly.

I installed the latest version I can get of QuickTime which also plays the video perfectly.

I also tried the video on a Windows 10 laptop using Live 9.6 and it is perfect - so I guess it comes down to my mac...

Any help would be really welcome.




iMac 2012 - 8GB Memory

* FYI - Cubase and Studio One are both demo copies.

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