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when I add video to a live set and export it, is it still a wav file or can I create a video type file?


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  • marcuswhite8
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    for some reason, my export was working fine, until i tried to export after the video was half finished.

    now all i get in a WAV file, no video whatsoever. (tried many different encoder settings, still no change)

    it stops when it gets to the second pass for rendering video and finishes, whereas it didn't before.

    if anyone knows what i could do, it would be really great,



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  • Lagom
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    If you add a video to a project it is not a .wav file. The .wav is audio only.

    In the Export Audio/Video settings you can enable Create Video, allowing you to export video in many different formats. Choose Video Encoder and click Edit next to Encoder Settings for deeper control over your exported video.

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