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I've recorded a video with sound recorded from a separate Mic. I'm trying to just trim the video and sync the sound to it. The original video file is an mp4 which is about 2GB. I import it, sync the sound no problem, it looks perfect in the video preview window. But when I go to export, I get the sound file saved along with a new video file. But when I play this it is only the size of the preview window inside live. Have I misunderstood editing videos in Live? Or can someone suggest how I can sync my sound file to the full quality video file.


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  • scottiedo
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    Live isn't really the best option for a final video render. Your video is being compressed differently and smaller due to the video export settings you have selected or whatever is there by default. To get the best quality render, use Ableton to edit the audio, then drop a final mix into a Video editing program along with the video to do the final render. I personally use Premiere. 


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