Velocity Mapping Clips in Session View?

Is there a way to velocity map x amount of clips to one midi trigger... optimally 3 clips soft, medium, hard to one midi trigger?





autody 7 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Warrior Bob
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    Not directly in vanilla Live, but you could make such a device in Max4Live, or use some kind of MIDI transformation software such as Bome's or MIDI-OX, which probably have enough scriptability to set up something like that.

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  • ebcspace
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    yes, you can.. using velocity zones in an instrument rack, in a slightly alternate method to what you are asking for. 

    I would probably load the 'clips' into Simpler instances, to play them as samples, rather than clips.. will have the same effect.  you can make an instrument rack, with multiple instances of Simpler, with different assignable velocity zones.

    depending on the velocity, you can set it up to trigger each different instance of Simpler, each one with the separate individual sample you want to trigger.

    I learned about this at video tutorials.  in the Ableton Live Explained, Vol 2, this is explained in the Zones video.

    cheers !

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