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I have an old unused keyboard for a Mac... trying to figure someway to have the computer/or Live recognize it as a second, seperate controller input... LOTS of keys on it (of course) and it's FREE... and a good way to recycle it... presently, Live sees it as the computer keyboard... so when I map it in 'Key' mapping, of course it is the same as mapping my laptop... so.. some key have functions and will not respond to mapping... any ideas? ...some kind of 'Computer Key 2' function... heck, could be a GREAT way to make a LARGE controller array.. for free   thanks


debris 7 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Dennis DeSantis Ableton staff
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    One semi-solution: Live's Key Map mode identifies upper- and lowercase letters as unique: "A" can be mapped separately from "a."

    With this in mind, you could simply enable Caps Lock for the second keyboard.

    7 years ago | 0 comments

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