Using the launchpad live, how do I have a default mapping with any song?


Hard to explain but...

How do I set up my launchpad to have a default template of pre-mapped buttons(in user 1/2 mode) to trigger devices/effects on say, the master section of any track I'd be performing live? To try and be more clear, I'll list out what I'd want.

1. I have a song I want to perform live

2. I want to add a series of effects to the master track to make the song more interesting live ... ie, beat repeat, reverb, etc etc.

3. I want to be able to drop this chain onto any master track that I'd be performing, but have it already mapped to a certain section of my launchpad. That way I can remember what buttons do what regardless of what song I'm playing.

Maybe I'm missing out on something... if it helps, the Aurex step sequences ( do this in the sense that when you import them, the launchpad is already mapped and changed around entirely. Is it as simple as saving it as a live set and importing to the master track?

Sorry about the long question.


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    the best way to do it (and the simplest by far) is to do the same as you mentioned... create a new set and map everything you want.

    call it "my launchpad template" and save it .

    whenever you feel like playing with it open it again and all the mappings will be there just as you left them.

    you can't map midi CC to racks and such and keep them in a library, you'll have to create a template of your own (or use great ones just like Aurex's templates).


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    There's a number of options... none particularly easy.
    1) Could you achieve what you want through using automap?
    2) Create a user remote script that is controlled by automap... using the text file that was introduced in live 6... create a grouped device that allowed you access to the parameters you are interested in via its 8 macros. make this the blue hand instant mapping device that is controlled by the 'launchpad automap remote script'.
    3) Work directly with the python remote scripts that underpin the interaction between the launchpad and live. 
    4) Bomes midi translator.
    5) Max for live
    I've tried two and three. Two worked for me, but it was hard work to set up and involved a lot of concentration when I was playing (too much like a game controller with awkward key combinations). I tried three, but I found the codebase too immense to get a handle on.  I'm guessing that max for live could do it - although there's a bit of a learning curve getting the launchpad to talk to max as a remote control surface.
    The problem is that midimapping doesn't persist between livesets... so the obvious solution (midimap control surface to device parameters) doesn't work once you open up another liveset. 
    If I was in your position I'd try to get all of my songs in a single liveset - the mapping will then stay in place. Also set up the mapping and device chain, then save this as a template - so this is your default set up.
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