Using the Autofilter with Push (bug / feature?!)

I've just tried the new version of Autofilter on Ableton 9.5 (incredible update by the way, thanks guys!) and noticed a slight workflow issue with Push that I don't know if it's always been there or not.

Anyway to recreate just drag an autofilter onto any track on a blank set

The 7th dial along on the Push should read 'LFO frequency' and probably have a value of '0.11 Hz', turning this 7th dial on the Push will correctly modify the LFO value.

Now on your computer change the LFO rate type from 'Hz' to the icon with a note on it (on the far right of the effect next to the Rate dial). This will now change the rate to a quantised value (e.g. 1/16 notes) but notice on the Push it's still stuck on Hz and twisting the dial wont change the values at all *until* you go back to the computer and select the rate type back to Hz again.

Is this as designed, is this something that will also affect the Push 2 or does that new device allow updates to the list parameters ?


mcbpete 2 years ago | 0 comments

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