Using simultaneously the 64 pads of a drum rack with Push



I use a Drum Rack for playing samples, and I need to have the 64 pads under my hand to combine all the different sound I use, and not only 16 samples on the first 16 pads ! I would have like to avoid the touch strip which is not easy and prevent you to play, together, samples that are not in the same 16 pads . It seems that when the track uses a Drum Rack it always display a step sequencer. I cannot imagine that Ableton doesn't make it possible...?!

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  • etanmusic
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    to get around this limitation (i have also found that when using an instrument rack, if a drum rack is in that rack, all other instruments at confined to the 16-pad sequencer grid as well) i place an empty midi channel next to the drum rack channel and route the out put of the blank channel to the drum rack channel and either arm both or set the input monitoring to "in" on the drum rack channel and make sure that either "all ins" or the designated blank midi channel is chosen as the midi input source. i know it is not exactly the solution we may be looking for but it allows for 64 different samples to be played without clumsily scrolling with the touch controller!

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  • Vladimir Naumov
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    Try PXT Live. It allows you to do this

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