Using Push To Step Sequence Melodies, Chords, And Parameters

The website shows two Push videos demonstrating
"Step Sequencing Melodies And Chords" 
as well as parameters.
7 X 8 pad rows become the step sequence surface.
How do we do this?
i can't find any documentation on this?
Why is the published Push documentation so incomplete?


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  • vitaminB
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    Hi there,

    After writing the post I just found it in the manual (was looking in the old manual <facepalm>)... see Help > Read the Live Manual... but from the Beta not your usual Live App ;)  27.6 Step Sequencing Melodies and Harmonies 

    If you press the note button in melodic mode it will activate melodic sequencing mode.

    You can add notes by pressing the respective pads, with the dark blue pads being your root note.

    Use the touchstrip to change the range of notes you are sequencing (the notes available will depend on the scale you have chosen). 

    If notes have already been recorded, there will be illuminated dots on the touchstrip to indicate where these notes are.

    The top row of the Push's grid of square pads is used to navigate in time through the clip.



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  • khidr
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    there's a tutorial on youtube at:

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