Using Push in Session mode, how can I change the color of a clip?

I'm brand new to Push and trying to figure out a good workflow.

One common series of steps I'll take in sesion mode is:

1. Find a clip I like. (Call this Clip A.)

2. Duplicate that clip. (Call the duplicate Clip B.)

3. Edit Clip B so that it's slightly different from Clip A.

4. Presto, I have two variations of the same pattern that I can select between.

One problem: Now Clip A and Clip B are exactly the same color. So I have no quick way of telling them apart. This gets worse as I create subsequent variants and duplicates, or as I create multiple scenes which involve copies of the same clip.

Advice? Does Push give me any control at all over the colors of my clips?

Bonus question: Any general advice (or links) on keeping my session view organized whilst in Push? Colors are the biggest confusion I'm having, but in general my whole clip/scene sheet ends up looking like a mess pretty quickly. In Ableton (without Push) I can simply drag-and-drop clips into a sane structure -- I tend to create one area for experimental ideas, another for my clip "library", and a third for polished scenes that are ready to perform. In Push, I'm at a loss -- it just inserts things into random order, and there's no clear way to change it without picking up my mouse.






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    You can do it in MaxForLive, may be not easy but for sure possible.

    I can think in three ways:

    The Manual way: After duplicating use the User mode on Push to call a function in M4L that will change the color of the active clip, also you can change the name and append for example [ver 01] [ver 02], etc. 

    This is possible, I already did it researching for custom controllers on iPAD.

    The Reckless Auto way: You can create a standalone app with max that will be listening to Ableton Push Live MIDI port waiting for the Duplicate MIDI message, and then when it gets this will trigger an UDP message that will call the M4L function we talk about in the first way (Manual way)

    And at last, the Proper Auto way: I'm not sure but may you can access to messages received from Push directly on M4L, if this is the case you can listen to the duplicate message inside a M4L and trigger the M4L function we talk about in the first way (Manual way).


    EDIT: this can be used as the function we talk about or to manual change


    EDIT2: here some ready to use objects to listen for the "duplicate" button directly inside M4L

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