using personal scales/chords from Live with Push note feature


Is this possible:

take a virtual scale from live's midi instruments, put it on a device rack, customize it, then  push, enter note mode and have that scale show up as a diatonic scale mode, like it would be the case when you select it from push's browsing menu?

I have a set of personally defined scales and would like to use them this way.

Also, if I have a chord device enabled in Ableton Live to simulate a triad when I press just one note and then try to play in note mode on push, will pressing one pad on push light up/activate leds on other 2 pads on push, to match my chord device in Live?

Hope I was clear enough and hoping for some answers, thinking of buying Push and wanted to know more about scale/chord expansion/personalize/customizing options...(found some way to add scales to the browser on forums/net but wanted to know about different stuff)


stalker_on 2 years ago | 0 comments

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