Using Maschine with Live 8? (multiple midi tracks)

I'm having trouble creating multiple midi tracks in Live 8 using Mashine as a VST. I can get the first midi track to work, using my keyboard, but the tracks after that will not come through. I've tried changing inputs and outputs but still no luck. All online tutorials use Live 9. Can someone please help? It shouldn't be that hard to do, right?


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    Did you take a look at this?

    Just as an additional comment: the whole point of a device like Maschine is to get away from the keyboard and limitations of a midi signal alone. If you only want to play notes in Maschine via midi, you might as well use any other software drum machine, or even Live's drumrack. By using the hardware, however, you can use the built in step-sequencer, record additional drum playing etc. The real power of Maschine is in the hands-on programming and playing with the hardware. You can still route every single sound to a separate audio track in Live, and have all the control you need, but still use Maschine the way it was supposed to be used :-)

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