Using Looptimus to change Guitar Rig Presets within Ableton

Is there anyone out there that can advise with this? It's a really simple idea in theory, I am not sure how else guitarists are supposed to change Guitar Rig Presets within Ableton without using their hands. 
I am trying to use one Midi Track to receive midi from my Looptimus pedal (on Midi Channel 16). The channel is set to monitor IN. Then I route the output of that channel to an Audio Track, and within that to the Guitar Rig 5 MFX plugin (also on Channel 16) which I also place on that track. This track is also set to IN so I can hear the output of my guitar live. 
You'd think that receiving the midi notes on channel 16 would be enough for Guitar Rig to see it, but I have also done a lot of community board reading all over the web and some folks also recommend adding Midi Clips that fire unique midi notes (6 in all, since Looptimus has 6 switches per bank) - and these are the notes that are destined to be added in Learn Mode for each Controller Preset in Guitar Rig. 
Man my head hurts, I have been trying to solve this for months. Does anyone out there have a comprehensive guide to getting this to work? Can it work reliably?  
Sean Harold


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  • Paulfeinberg
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    So you need to make sure you change your looptimus to program change mode (hold down stop button and change to PC) and make sure your program change is set to 16 on the button you want to assign (hold down the button and while holding it down change number to 16 by pressing next.....). Look at this video......

    This one shows with guitar rig:

    Any questions email me

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