Using Looper I have difficulties with levels


I have Looper set up on 10 tracks, each mapped to a midi pedal. The settings for each looper track are;

  • Monitor = AUTO
  • Audio to = MASTER

Looper's setting on each track is;

  • Feedback = 100%
  • Input - Output = Always

The looper tracks are being fed by a track which receives my external signal from a cello. the feeder track's settings are;

  • Audio from = EXT IN
  • Monitor = IN
  • Audio to = SENDS ONLY.

The problem is that the looper's playback signal is super weak through Master when playing back. The live signal is way too loud and feeds back. 

Could someone help me? I'm confused.



TiC Music 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • sebpri
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    If you set the looper track´s setting to Input - Output Never, then since you dont listen to your cello thru looper you can raise to volume on the looper tracks without having trouble with feedback. Maybe that could be a solution?

    I guess your loopers are in return tracks?

    Best Sebastian

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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