Using Live 7 on Windows 7

I am going to buy a new Lenovo Laptop with Win 7 on it to DJ, using Live 7.

I do not want to upgrade to Live 8 or higher because of the warping of the tracks which I am not comfortable with at all, as I am in Live 7.


Are there any issues in using Live 7 with a new Windows 7 machine?

Are there any known issues?

Your guidance or experience would be appreciated.


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  • blitzdj86
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    I know this is very old now, but I just thought I'd answer it for other live 7 users. I've used live 7 on windows 7 for ages it was fine. I've also just got a windows 8 laptop and it seems to be working correctly and properly installed, although I haven't tested it beyond opening the app and authorising it.

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  • andy.bramwell
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    I have just started to have problems with Live 7 on Win 8.1
    1st issue was memory - which was fixed by using the 64 bit version of 8.1 (clean reinstall of EVERYTHING required).

    2nd issue was codec support for using video, especially mp4 wrapped AVI. Added more ram, still having issues with stuttering. Quicktime plays back like a dream!

    3rd issue is young drivers not performing like the mature win7 versions. I don't know what is different from 7 to 8 or 8.1 (and don't care), but the hardware that used to be amazing is now giving me grief (Presonus, M-Audio, Native Instruments and Korg). Some of the issues are to do with USB/Firewire standards and support being deprecated. Perhaps they need some more time to get their stuff working?

    I used Live 7 on Windows 7 64bit for 3 years without a single problem. Used the Lite version of Live 8 and the warp engine sucked for the old school music. Specifically the predictions it made about warp markers were time-consumingly counter-productive, in fact, extremely annoying. I am sticking with 7.

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