Using Link between Mac and Windows

My friend and I are playing our first live show this coming Friday in Amsterdam.

Our set up includes a MacBook and windows laptop, and several pieces of hardware.

Link seems the ideal way to get our machines to stay in time, but what is the best way to do this between mac and windows?  Unfortunately we won't have a lot of time to play around with getting a connection.  He's in Vancouver and I'm in Glasgow and won't meet up until the day of the gig.

We'd rather avoid wireless and stick to cables.

Can we connect directly via ethernet cable, either crossover or straight through?  Or would we need a switch or router?

I am sunning OSX Sierra and he has Windows 10.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!



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    Hi! As it happens I use the same kind of setup with a colleague, with a Mac and a Windows laptop + hardware. Tested it during ADE in Amsterdam and it is simply fantastic. Use an ethernet cable and activate link. In our case it worked great! 2 laptops and 2 audio interfaces + hardware, all perfectly synced via Link. Best and most steady solution we have used so far!

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