using guitar rig within Live

I understand how to use Guitar Rig as a plugin to modulate a sample within an AL cell. But what I want to do instead, is play my guitar directly modulated through Guitar Rig, (and controlled by the Rig floor Controller) while at the same time I take my hand from the guitar to trigger various samples within Ableton Live are providing a background pad. Is this possible?

Maybe what i am asking here, is if i can change GR from being an AL plugin, to  a software instrument wthin AL. Like, for example, Simpler. Then I can control the GR cell via Rig Controller, while also triggering any other cell at the same time. 

Right now I only own  Live "intro" but if the standard version will do what i need, I'm willing to upgrade. 


beluga 4 years ago | 0 comments

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